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Parramatta Female Factory Institutions Precinct represents the adjacent historic institutional sites of the Roman Catholic Orphan School/ Parramatta Girls Home (site 1) and Parramatta Female Factory/ Cumberland Hospital (site 2). Both sites are located within the NSW State Government owned Parramatta North Heritage site which is currently undergoing redevelopment as a arts and cultural precinct.

Parramatta Female Factory Institutions Precinct is not yet activated for general use as a public heritage site. Visitors are advised that there is no public access to buildings however the grounds are open from 8am and 6pm. 

Site 1
  • ​Roman Catholic Orphan School

  • Parramatta Girls Home

  • Kamballa & Taldree Shelter

  • Norma Parker Centre

1 Fleet Street North Parramatta​


There is no access to buildings, however visitors are welcome to explore the grounds Mon - Sat. Gates Open at 8am close at 6pm

  • On site parking available.

  • ​Wheelchair accessible

  • Ground areas are level and walkable​

Site 2
  • ​Parramatta Female Factory

  • Parramatta Lunatic Asylum

  • Cumberland Hospital

5 Fleet Street North Parramatta​​


Visitors are welcome to visit the site. 

  • Access is restricted to grounds only.

  • Ground areas are level and walkable​

Contact Us

1 Fleet Street

Parramatta North NSW 2151

Office Hours: 11am to 4pm Tuesdays 

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