About PFFP Memory Project

Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Memory Project is a social history and contemporary art project centered on the historic institutions of the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct connecting past to present by engaging those who once resided in these institutions to actively participate in how they are remembered and empowering them to determine how the site might be used in the future.

Launched in 2013 the PFFP Memory Project exhibits creative works produced in collaborative workshops on site and at other venues. We regularly participate in conferences and symposiums in Australia and internationally. 

Our aim is to create a vision for the precinct that recognises past wrongs and addresses their contemporary legacies in this historic setting as Australia's first Site of Conscience.

What are Sites of Conscience?

Sites of Conscience are historic sites, museums, and memory initiatives connecting past struggles to today‚Äôs movements for human rights and social justice. As the first Australian member of ICSOC we recognise that people want to know about these institutional sites, why they were established, what purpose they served and what of their legacy remains today.  

Connecting Past to Present

PFFP Memory Project Launch
11 February 2013:

A new era dawned for the most historic-yet most neglected- area of Parramatta following the launch of the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Memory Project in the former instructional range of the Parramatta Girls Home. More than a year in the planning, the Memory Project builds on the foundational work of Parragirls in leading the way in re-imaging this Precinct through creative projects and social history activities that directly engages people who experienced institutional confinement here.